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QP for iPhone/
2018 TZ
PC Update

QUICK PLANNING is the quickest and easiest way to answer the age old question: "When are we going to get there?"

We have all been "in the office", "at home", "in the hotel" or even "flying the plane" when the boss wants to discuss a new European itinerary or needs other planning information quickly. The answer is QUICK PLANNING! As fast as you can turn on your Windows PC, iPhone, or iPad, the answer is there!

Based on a minimum of input (select an aircraft, date, departure point, destination and desired takeoff or landing time) the respective local Departure time or local Landing time is then computed. These times account for Standard or Daylight savings time, depending on the date entered, as well as taxi and ATC delays. "GMT" times and fuel burns are displayed and printed in the Pilot Planning format. FBOs, Crew and Pax Hotels, Limos, Catering, and Remarks are printed in both formats. A data base of over 6300 airports is supplied throughout the US and world. The user can modify or add additional airports and store multiple FBOs, Crew and Pax Hotels, Limos and Caterers with phone numbers and frequencies.

Some of the features are:

  1. The program runs on Windows XP, Vista, Win7 & 10, iPhone and iPad
  2. One can store multiple FBOs, Crew Hotels, Pax Hotels, Limos and Caterers for each airport, allowing one to pick and choose as reservations change.
  3. During the planning phase one selects the FBO, Hotel, Limo .. etc by simply clicking on the respective information. This information is then included in the printouts - either Summary or Pilot Formats.
  4. Ease of editing simply by double clicking on any leg.
  5. Frequencies for FBOs can now be stored.
  6. The program functions quickly and easily using the mouse or keyboard.
  7. Airport database has been expanded, now over 6600 airports worldwide.
  8. Fax Quick Plan directly from within the Quick Planning program

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